Tips for Full-time RV Living with Pets

Pets adapt quickly and easily to full-time RV living because it is no different than living in a house or an apartment. Dogs and cats are important members of some families, and there is no way their owners would leave them behind. It does require some extra thought and planning to ensure that they and their owners enjoy a happy, healthy existence in the limited space of an RV. Most RV parks are pet-friendly, but some may have strict rules governing pets. It is important to learn the park’s policies on pets before establishing a permanent or semi-permanent residence.

Helping Pets Adjust to the RV Environment
Dogs and cats thrive on consistency. It may be a challenge for them to adjust to the surrounding environment outside the RV. Unusual sounds of nearby people or other pets may cause anxiety in any pet. Keeping them close and developing a routine reassures them that this is their new home and that you will be there for them.

Outdoor Exercise
It is important for dogs to be frequently walked. Most parks that allow pets have designated walking areas that are usually fenced. Some even have a “playground-like” atmosphere where dogs and owners can interact. Dogs must be leashed when walking in most RV communities for the safety of other residents and pets. Not only is it considerate for dog owners to pick up their pet’s waste, but it is a requirement. This keeps the area clean and healthy for all residents.

Noise Control
RV parks that allow pets expect dog owners to realize that it is a privilege to own a dog and not a right. Dogs that exhibit bad behavior or are always barking will not be tolerated in RV communities, but well-trained pets are welcome. They provide many hours of enjoyment for their owners as well as love and companionship.

Leaving Pets Alone
Sometimes it may be necessary to leave a pet alone for a few hours at a time, especially if the owner must work. Dog crates work well when the owner has to be away. As long as dogs or cats have food and water available and are in a climate-controlled environment, crating works well. Animals feel more secure in a confined space, and this prevents them from causing damage to furnishings and other things. Most animals adapt well to crates after a few times and a bunch of treats. As long as they are allowed to go outside every few hours, they will do fine.

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