Solar Power Systems Provide Green Energy for Full-time RV Living

Many full-time RVers are committed to “living off the grid” as the cultural shift toward green energy expands. Many of those who choose this alternative lifestyle realize the significance of doing their part to conserve natural resources and protect the environment in even the smallest ways. The use of solar energy is designed to help eliminate unnecessary consumption of traditional power sources, which are non-renewable and depleted at an incredible rate. The numerous advantages and benefits derived from using solar energy systems far outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefits of Availability
Solar power systems provide sustainable energy from dawn to dusk without requiring any fuel source. There is very little maintenance involved in this reliable energy source. Because solar panels are continuously charging during the day, this alternative power source is as dependable as an electrical hookup. There is no need ever to use hookups. A larger “full-timer” solar power system is the best choice that provides consistent energy that is adequate for most units. This extensive system allows users to watch LCD TVs, use at least two small laptop computers, use several lights and even use a microwave for reheating or popping popcorn.

Solar System Basics
Power needs differ with individual users. Some are quite frugal and only require about 100 watts of solar power and some batteries to store the collected energy, while others may require much more. It depends on the number of appliances used and whether or not they use an alternative energy source such as propane for some tasks. The 320-watt systems capture a larger amount of power from the sun, store it efficiently, and convert it to enough energy needed to power several gadgets and appliances. The larger wattage model retails for about $2,000, while the smaller units cost less to purchase. The average cost for use is about $200 for every 100 watts used. A generator may be required if high-energy output is required.

Environmental and Economic Advantages
Solar radiation is free for everyone. Once permanently installed in an RV or a home, the power a solar system produces does not have ongoing costs. It is a very reliable utility that allows its users to be more self-reliant and self-sustaining without worrying about contributing to pollution. It is one form of energy that helps to decrease harmful greenhouse emissions. It is sustainable, clean, and renewable. These maintenance-free systems are economical to use. Most find that they recover the initial cost in only a few short months.

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