Gardening Tips for Full-time RV Living

Living full-time in an RV does not necessarily mean giving up enjoying fresh vegetables or herbs. It may take a little more planning and creativity to grow a garden in a smaller, confined area, but it is well worth the effort. Nothing beats the pleasure of growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The secret to becoming a successful RV gardener depends on selecting the proper location and utilizing the right containers. Many of the plants flourish outdoors, while others may require an indoor environment. It may take time and a little experimentation to master RV gardening, but the benefits of reaping a fresh harvest are immeasurable.

The first step when planning to grow plants in an RV is to find the best containers for each type of plant. Five-gallon buckets or large tubs work well for growing tomatoes or cucumbers. Because they hold moisture well, they do not require watering as often. By placing small rocks in the bottom of the containers, the plant roots retain moisture. Almost any kind of deep container works well for planting sprouted seeds. Wooden boxes work well for veggies such as lettuce, bell peppers, or spinach. Small plastic containers are just right for planting herbs or sprouts. The simple and handy Mason canning jar with a wide mouth provides a fantastic vessel for growing seeds of all kind.

Not all plants require the same type of soil but plant all in a high-quality potting soil. Most nurseries or garden supply stores sell potting soil specifically for growing vegetables or flowers. It is important to place the potting soil in containers that are large enough to allow it to be loose and allow for proper drainage.

Plant Grouping Requirements
Because some plants require more water and sunlight than others do, it is important to group them together according to these requirements. All vegetables and herbs need a good organic fertilizer to flourish. One of the best natural fertilizers for herbs is fish emulsion (DIY recipe here to save some money!).

Space-saving Hanging Gardens
If space is an issue inside or outside an RV, a hanging garden might be the answer. Hanging baskets work well for planting flowers, and they are easy to water. A planting system where the roots are placed up and the plant grows down works very well for some fresh vegetables and fruits. Strawberries grow exceptionally well using this method and take up little space.

Cold Weather Tips
Regardless of the climate, most areas experience some adverse weather conditions from time to time. Protect outdoor plants from extreme cold or heat by placing a cover over them.

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