Cooking Tips for Full-time RV Living

Living full-time in an RV does have its challenges, but cooking does not have to be one of them. Even with limited storage space and smaller cabinet tops on which to work, cooking can still be an enjoyable experience. The key is eliminating unnecessary appliances, utensils, and gadgets that can take up too much space. Many appliances such as a crockpot and toaster oven are easily stored and can be used for multiple purposes.

Value of Organization
Limited space is a problem, especially in small RV units, but planned organization can make a big difference. Cooking is easier when meals are kept simple, and menus are planned in advance. RV chefs can prepare healthy, nutritious meals that make good use of limited space and appliances. Full-time RVers can enjoy home-cooked meals prepared with minimal effort and ingredients by keeping them as simple as possible.

One-pot Meals
A crock-pot is indispensable in an RV. It enables the cook to prepare a whole meal using only one appliance. It also gives the cook the freedom to leave while the meal is cooking. Pot roasts, soups, stews, and chili are perfect for crock-pot cooking. Almost any dish that can be cooked in the oven can be prepared in a crock-pot. These recipes work very well for taking to community potluck suppers or just for the family.

Dinner salads are easy to prepare and can become a hearty meal. It only takes one bowl to combine pre-washed greens with tomatoes and chunks of cooked chicken or leftover meat in a tasty, healthy salad. These salad require little preparation and minimal cleanup. With no cooking required, the RV unit stays cooler even during the summer months.

Double Duty Foods
Using leftovers in another dish the next day is a good way to reduce time spent in the kitchen. New dishes can be created with leftovers and turned into a different meal with the addition of a few extra ingredients. Utilizing leftovers is a great way to save money and eliminate throwing away good food.

Necessary Kitchen Items
Always have gallon and quart Ziploc bags on hand for storing leftovers in the refrigerator. The easiest way to save on water is by using paper consumables such as paper towels and paper plates. This makes cleanup easy and eliminates the need to use plastic or glass plates that require soap and water to clean. Silverware is required but should be limited to only one set per person. A few serving utensils may be needed.