Benefits of Full-time RV Living

There have been some big changes in recent years for those who love to RV. More people of all ages are choosing to live full-time in RV’s. What was once considered a lifestyle for older retired people, who want to travel the country, is now being embraced as an alternative independent lifestyle, even for working people. Many are making the transition from living in a traditional home to living the more laid-back lifestyle associated with permanent RV living. Because of this growing trend of living life in a smaller, more compact, and organized manner, luxurious RV parks are beginning to spring up all over the country. States like Texas with warmer climates are very much in demand. Permanent residents are replacing weekend campers and are taking advantage of this desirable living alternative. There are almost as many reasons for choosing this lifestyle as there are people who feel the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

More Time to Enjoy the Outdoors
Those who make the commitment to full-time RV living have more time to spend doing the things they love the most. Many RV parks are located near lakes with fishing and other water sports available. The outdoor life offers a healthy alternative for those who enjoy outdoor exercise such as walking, hiking, and bicycling. There is a strong sense of community among full-time park residents.

Maintenance-Free Manicured Lawns
RV parks allow residents to enjoy beautiful lawns and yards without having to spend hours maintaining them. This is a welcome benefit for those who may not be physically able to do yard work or prefer to spend their time doing other things. Tending a small flower or vegetable garden is desirable for some.

More Affordable Housing
A mortgage is only part of the expense involved in home ownership. Property taxes, utilities, and repairs are expensive and can be a strain on any budget. RV living costs much less and provides owners with much more flexibility. The average monthly cost of living in an RV park with many amenities is much less than living in a traditional home.

Social Advantages
Living year round in a community-oriented RV park offers many opportunities to interact with people in a social setting. There is a certain comradery among full-time residents as they enjoy the same interests and activities. Friendships can develop easily when neighbors gather in the evenings to share a campfire or plan a neighborhood cookout.

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